Finding price-competitive energy solutions for your remote operations.

WellDunn can help you find the right energy mix to ensure you have the heat and power you need

Just because your operations may take you into remote areas, doesn't mean you don't have energy solutions.

If your project is reliant on diesel generators or you want to find a renewable alternative to your energy needs, we can help. 

Cost-Effective + Sustainable Energy

Finding the Right Mix


WellDunn will help you find the right power and heat solutions for your remote operations. 

First we will look into options including, but not limited to:

  • Geothermal;
  • Solar;
  • Wind; and
  • Biofuels. 

Each will be reviewed for its advantages and disadvantages, and we will provide you with our recommendations for how best to move forward. Our final report will include an economic model of our recommendations. 

Connecting you to the right people and technology


WellDunn has amassed a network of experts and inventors with the experience and proven strategies to help make your off-grid operations a reality.  

WellDunn helps deliver on our recommendations

remote, isolated, island, power solutions

WellDunn will be working alongside you and our experts to ensure that you get the off-grid energy solutions you need and help refine, if need be.

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