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WellDunn has spent the last decade finding the most cost-effective and low-impact exploration techniques and methodologies to help you delineate your resource. We found the right experts and partnerships to help you get investor-ready by de-risking at the exploration phase of your project. 

Successful surveys require a wide spectrum of multidisciplinary knowledge to produce viable resource development maps, and Biogeochemistry and ITI's Remote Survey Technology are examples of exploration techniques which can help your company verify your resource. 



Biogeochemistry involves the integration of biology, geology, and chemistry disciplines. Biogeochemical methods is a cost effective, low-impact, and proven technique in mineral and geothermal resource exploration. This method uses the trace element content of plant tissues to assess the nature of underlying geology and presence of mineral deposits and/or geothermal resources. 

We are proud to partner with Colin Dunn Consulting to help you identify all the potential resources in your area of interest. 

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ITI Remote Survey Technology


Integrative Technologies International (ITI) Inc. helps you find natural resources using the interrelationship between the electromagnetic resonant frequency of your target resource and the electromagnetic field of the earth.

ITI's technology is scaleable to provide higher resolution with increasing surveys from a national to drill target ready scale. If you follow their Integrative Exploration Model (IEM) methodology from Satellite Survey to Vertical Virtual Well, we can even calculate the volume of your target resource. 

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