About WellDunn

Over 20 years experience in mining, energy, and remediation + reclamation


WellDunn brings extensive experience orchestrating energy and mining projects. Developing initiatives by successfully steering process and systems that deliver bottom line results in efficiency, cost control, and client satisfaction. 

WellDunn has worked on projects here in Canada and internationally.

Innovation + Strategy is our sweet spot to help you do your job easier

Innovation, strategy, project management, field operations, mining, remediation, reclamation

WellDunn has built a reputation of bringing a vision of innovative and strategic-thinking with a comprehensive record of success providing the technical expertise and project leadership for field operation programs for natural resource and remediation and reclamation projects. 

Our priority is finding win-win solutions. 

We speak business, investor, and technical to help bridge communication gaps


WellDunn pride ourselves on a reputation of bridging the communication gap between business, investors, and technical teams. To achieve quality results, we need to merge the technical and business needs. 

Appreciated by clients for professional integrity, solutions-focused creativity, and commitment to client needs.

Why WellDunn?

Since 2003 we've been helping companies like yours

WellDunn was established as an exploration and technology company, specializing in field optimization and natural resource exploration projects. 

Our portfolio of clients includes: Shell, EnCana, Husky Energy, Suncor, Sierra Geothermal Energy, Borealis Geopower, and Alberta & British Columbia government organizations.

We can help your company embrace technology solutions

WellDunn specializes in leveraging cutting-edge technology in spatial mapping and cloud-based data management and data. 

We help you maximize the use of these tools, which include: ArcGIS, ESRI Collector, and Leapfrog. 

Our commitment to clients

WellDunn is here to listen to your business needs and objectives and find solutions that can help you do what you do best in a way that is efficient, streamlined, and integrated within your organization.