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WellDunn wants to help contribute a lasting, positive impact for our clients and the world.


WellDunn brings over 20 years’ experience in mining, oil and gas, remediation and reclamation, and geothermal projects in Canada and internationally.

Since 2003, WellDunn has emphasized finding win-win strategies for our clients. This starts by listening to your business needs and objectives, so we can tailor our approach to be functional and help you do what you do best.

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WellDunn News

WellDunn is an Approved Service Provider


In 2018, WellDunn became an Approved Service Provider for TECTERRA. This means we can help secure funding to cover some of our costs to help you optimize your field operations using their GROW program.  

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WellDunn Received Green Spaces Funding


WellDunn is proud to have participated in UNA-C Green Spaces program in 2018 & 2019. WellDunn received Green Spaces funding for an Environmental Technologist and Junior GIS Specialist.  

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